When I first saw this video, it struck home for me. I realized how much time we waste on social media.

I decided to limit time I spent on Facebook by changing my password to something meaningless so that I would have to look up each time I went on Facebook. This way, I only went on Facebook when I had a purpose for doing so, rather than going on out of habit. I don’t regret it.

iphone-4-closeupSocial media holds us captivated for hours. Have we become captives of technology? Do you find yourself subconsciously scrolling through your News Feed? Or typing in Facebook into your browser window without even thinking about it? Are we really connecting with others? Or are we filling a void in ourselves?

(Note: Social media is not bad, it can be a very good tool for communicating and connecting with family and friends [and stocking pictures of people you haven’t seen in years]. The problem is when we let it control us, and when we use it as a replacement for real life.)

I still have yet to meet the person who is truly happy about the hours they spend on social media. I also have never found a person who is not happy after spending quality time with their friends and family, or going out for an adventure. Are you living your life to the full or are you settling for a “perfect” profile?

We all desire to be accepted and recognized. We also crave instant gratification. We love to see how many “likes” we can receive within the first 15 minutes of posting. Like a $1 burger from McDs, we are left hungry for more. Will we be truly satisfied after receiving 239 likes? And even after you received all these “likes,” you are never satisfied.

To find wholesome happiness, we need to work for it. As one of my professors said, “The more you give, the more you get.” What will you give? Three men were trying to reach the top of a mountain to see a beautiful view. One man drove to the top to see the view. The second man started climbing, but gave up midway. The final man climbed to the top. Who do you think of the three most enjoyed the view? The challenges of life bring out the best of us. Some people want to enjoy the benefits of working out without working out. It doesn’t work. Are you investing your time in what truly matters? Your friends, family, and dreams?

This week I encourage and challenge you to do 3 things:

  1. Take time to connect with those you love.
    • Maybe it’s time you call your mom, or write a letter to a friend.
  2. Read a book the next time you have a social media craving.
    • Books feed the mind. Social media articles are candy for the eyes, and often only snippets of something greater (if any). A good book is like a t-bone steak. What are you feeding your mind with?
  3. Get outdoors!
    • When was the last time you went for a walk, and enjoyed God’s creation around you? Go for a walk, bike ride, run, etc.. There is so much more to life than what is on your screen.

Now close this article, and go out for an adventure!